Posters and talks will be shown at ESWW with the advancements of the project (Novembre 2019):

Classification of solar wind properties based on feature selection and Self-Organizing Maps

Jorge Amaya -  Research Expert at the CmPA Mathematics Department, KU Leuven, Belgium

What is the intrinsic dimensionality of the OMNI data? A dimensionality reduction study

Jannis Teunissen CWI, Amsterdam

Collaborators: R. Dupuis, C. Shneider, E. Camporeale

Unsupervised Learning [Poster by R. Dupuis  (arXiv:1910.10012)]

LSTM prediction of geomagnetic storms [Poster by J. Peeperkorn]

Dimensionality Reduction [talk by J. Teunissen]

Self Organising Maps  [talk by J. Amaya]

Probabilistic geomagnetic estimates [Camporeale]

Deep Learning for DST prediction [talk by B. Laperre]