Use cases

Use cases performed by the project






Automatic coronal hole detections in SDO images

CNN, auto-encoders

Segmented image (from 4)

Image with highlighted CH


SDO + Use Case 4

Shape of the Parker field line connecting the Earth and the Sun

simulations and reinforcement learning

rho, B, v at the internal boundary of Eufhoria

Error in the possition of the Parker Spiral

Eufhoria simulations

Forecasting of the Bz component of the IMF


B at the footpoint patch of the Parker Spiral

Bz at 1 AU

Eufhoria & Use Case 2

Pixel classification of SDO images

Clustering (SOM)

SDO Images

Segmented image


Boundary crossing detections in in-situ observations

CNN, LSTM, supervised

fields and distributions

List of crossings

MMS and SITL reports

Pressure tensor components from fluid fields

simulations, NN, SVM

PIC simulations (fields and pressure tensors)

Pressure tensors for MHD simulations

PIC and MHD simulations

Two master thesis in KU Leuven working in the analysis of solar ARs

Solar active region classification

Clustering (SOM)

AR properties

AR class (compared vs Zpc)

Identification of current structures (CS) where reconnection is occuring (cross link with 16)

unsupervised and supervised, CNN, NN, SVM

Data around potential reconnection site (200x200 pixels)


2D Hybrid Vlasov Maxwell simulations

Data analysis of velocity distribution function

data mining, unsupervised learning

Velocity distributions

Potential typîcal features

Simulation and observations

Complexity-Entropy plane to analyse stochastic/chaotic behaviour

statistical (not ML)

time series

one point on the CH plane for each time series considered

simulations and observations

Auto-encoders of SW data to generate inputs for LSTM

Auto-encoder NN

OMNIweb/ACE time series

Encoded (latent space) SW parameters

OMNI/ACE websites

Detecting reconnection regions from MHD simulations (cross link with 11)

supervised, timeseries

artificial spacecraft generating timeseries

Timeseries indicating reconnection or not

MHD simulations