During the EGU2021 online event many AIDA's advancements were shown. Below all in details.

A special session on Tuesday, 27 April: Turbulence, magnetic reconnection, shocks, and particle acceleration: nonlinear processes in space, laboratory, and astrophysical plasmas

Convener: Maria Elena Innocenti | Co-conveners: Jacob Bortnik, Jasper Halekas, Giovanni Lapenta, Francesco Pucci

Co-organized by ST1

vPICO presentations  

Below all AIDA's presentations!

On Monday, 26 April:

Hunting for reconnection and energy exchange sites in 3D turbulent outflows  
Giovanni Lapenta

Structure functions analysis of sub-ion scale turbulent fluctuations and dissipation range in a magnetized plasma  
Giuseppe Arrò, Francesco Califano, and Giovanni Lapenta

Fully kinetic simulations of electron-scale plasma turbulence in the inner heliosphere: a pathfinder for future spacecraft missions  
Luca Franci, Emanuele Papini, Alfredo Micera, Daniele Del Sarto, Giovanni Lapenta, David Burgess, and Simone Landi

On Tuesday, 27 April:

Kinetic Modeling of the Impact of Solar Wind Discontinuities on the Magnetopause  
Jean Berchem, Giovanni Lapenta, Robert L. Richard, Philippe Escoubet, and Simon Wing

Using clustering techniques for magnetic reconnection detection  
Manuela Sisti, Francesco Finelli, Giorgio Pedrazzi, Matteo Faganello, Francesco Califano, Francesca Delli Ponti, and Valeriia Zalizniak

Investigating current structures in 3D-3V hybrid Vlasov simulations of turbulence  
Matteo Faganello, Manuela Sisti, Sid Fadanelli, Silvio Sergio Cerri, Francesco Califano, and Olivier Agullo

A large-scale instability competing with Kelvin-Helmholtz at Mercury’s boundary layer  
Jérémy Dargent, Federico Lavorenti, Pierre Henri, and Francesco Califano

A two-step role for plasma expansion in solar wind heat flux regulation 
Maria Elena Innocenti, Elisabetta Boella, Anna Tenerani, and Marco Velli

Particle-In-Cell simulations of resonant interactions between whistler waves and electrons in the near-Sun solar wind: scattering of the strahl into the halo and heat flux regulation
Alfredo Micera, Andrei Zhukov, Rodrigo A. López, Maria Elena Innocenti, Marian Lazar, Elisabetta Boella, and Giovanni Lapenta

Ion and electron energization by Alfvén waves in magnetic shears  
Francesco Pucci, Fabio Bacchini, Giovanni Lapenta, and Francesco Malara

On Friday, 30 April:

Unsupervised Solar Wind Classification Using Wavelet Variational Autoencoders and Self-Organazing Maps  
Jorge Amaya, Sara Jamal, and Giovanni Lapenta