Study of PVI-based diagnostics for 1D time series in space plasmas

F. Finelli, S. Perri, M. Sisti, F. Califano

December 2021

magnetosphere regions


Unsupervised classification of simulated magnetospheric regions

Maria Elena Innocenti, Jorge Amaya, Joachim Raeder, Romain Dupuis, Banafsheh Ferdousi, Giovanni Lapenta

October 2021


Bridging hybrid- and full-kinetic models with Landau-fluid electrons

F. Finelli, S. S. Cerri, F. Califano, F. Pucci, D. Laveder, G. Lapenta, T. Passot

September 2021

Plasma turbulence

Characterizing current structures in 3D hybrid-kinetic simulations of plasma turbulence

M. Sisti, S. Fadanelli, S.S. Cerri, M. Faganello, F. Califano, O. Agullo

July 2021


Detecting Reconnection Events in Kinetic Vlasov Hybrid Simulations Using Clustering Techniques

Manuela Sisti, Francesco Finelli, Giorgio Pedrazzi, Matteo Faganello, Francesco Califano, Francesca Delli Ponti

February 2021


The sun in a microchip: understanding the Sun and its impact on the Earth using computer modelling

(Egmont Palace, Brussels)

Giovanni Lapenta

October 2020


Domain of Influence Analysis: Implications for Data Assimilation in Space Weather Forecasting

D. Millas, M. E. Innocenti, B. Laperre, J. Raeder, S. Poedts, G. Lapenta 

October 2020


Statistical properties of turbulent fluctuations associated with electron-only magnetic reconnection

Giuseppe Arrò, Francesco Califano, Giovanni Lapenta 

October 2020

Solar Wind classification

Visualizing and Interpreting Unsupervised Solar Wind Classifications

Jorge Amaya, Romain Dupuis, Maria Elena Innocenti, Giovanni Lapenta

September 2020

2D Hybrid Vlasov

Identifying magnetic reconnection in 2D Hybrid Vlasov Maxwell simulations with Convolutional Neural Networks

A. Hu, M. Sisti, F. Finelli, F. Califano, J. Dargent, M. Faganello, E. Camporeale, J. Teunissen

September 2020


Energy exchange and particle energization in turbulent outflows from reconnection

(In Workshop on machine Learning, data Mining and data Assimilation in Geospace)

Giovanni Lapenta, Romain Dupuis, Francesco Pucci, Jorge Amaya 

September 2020


AI data analysis with application to the detection and prediction of space events

(In Space & AI . ECAI2020, online conference)

Giovanni Lapenta

September 2020


Electron-Only Reconnection in Plasma Turbulence

Francesco Califano, Silvio Sergio Cerri, Matteo Faganello, Dimitri Laveder, Manuela Sisti, Matthew W. Kunz

September 2020


Automatic Classification of Plasma Regions in Near-Earth Space With Supervised Machine Learning: Application to Magnetospheric Multi Scale 2016–2019 Observations

Hugo Breuillard, Romain Dupuis, Alessandro Retino, Olivier Le Contel, Jorge Amaya, Giovanni Lapenta

September 2020


Editorial: Solar Wind at the Dawn of the Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter Era

Giovanni Lapenta, Andrei Zhukov, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi

July 2020


Dynamic Time Warping as a New Evaluation for Dst Forecast With Machine Learning

Brecht Laperre, Jorge Amaya, Giovanni Lapenta

July 2020


Particle-In-Cell simulations of the proton firehose instability influenced by the electron temperature anisotropy in solar wind conditions

A. Micera, E. Boella, A. N. Zhukov, S. M. Shaaban, M. Lazar, G. Lapenta

April 2020


A multi-fluid model of the magnetopause

Roberto Manuzzo, Francesco Califano, Gerard Belmont, Laurence Rezeau

March 2020


Multiscale MHD-Kinetic PIC Study of Energy Fluxes Caused by Reconnection

G. Lapenta, M. El Alaoui,J. Berchem,R. Walker

February 2020


Simulation of plasmaspheric plume impact on dayside magnetic reconnection

J. Dargent, N. Aunai, B. Lavraud, S. Toledo‐Redondo, F. Califano

February 2020


A Fully Kinetic Perspective of Electron Acceleration around a Weakly Outgassing Comet

A. Divin, J. Deca, A. Eriksson, P. Henri, G. Lapenta, V. Olshevsky, S. Markidis

January 2020


Characterizing Magnetic Reconnection Regions Using Gaussian Mixture Models on Particle Velocity Distributions

Romain Dupuis, Martin V. Goldman, David L. Newman, Jorge Amaya, Giovanni Lapenta

January 2020


Local Regimes of Turbulence in 3D Magnetic Reconnection

Giovanni Lapenta, Francesco Pucci, F., Martin V. Goldman, David L. Newman

January 2020


Interplay between Kelvin–Helmholtz and lower-hybrid drift instabilities

Jérémy Dargent, Federico Lavorenti, Francesco Califano, Pierre Henri, Francesco Pucci, Silvio S. Cerri

November 2019


ViDA: a Vlasov–DArwin solver for plasma physics at electron scales

Oreste Pezzi, Giulia Cozzani, Francesco Califano, Francesco Valentini, Massimiliano Guarrasi, Enrico Camporeale, Gianfranco Brunetti, Alessandro Retinò, Pierluigi Veltri

October 2019


Statistical Analysis of Ions in Two-Dimensional Plasma Turbulence

Francesco Pecora, Francesco Pucci, Giovanni Lapenta, David Burgess, Sergio Servidio

September 2019


Current Sheets, Magnetic Islands, and Associated Particle Acceleration in the Solar Wind as Observed by Ulysses near the Ecliptic Plane

Olga Malandraki, Olga Khabarova, Roberto Bruno, Gary P. Zank, Gang Li, Bernard Jackson, Mario M. Bisi, Antonella Greco, Oreste Pezzi, William Matthaeus, Alexandros Chasapis Giannakopoulos, Sergio Servidio, Helmi Malova, Roman Kislov, Frederic Effenberger, Jakobus le Roux, Yu Chen, Qiang Hu, N. Eugene Engelbrecht

August 2019


Single-spacecraft Identification of Flux Tubes and Current Sheets in the Solar Wind

Francesco Pecora, Antonella Greco, Qiang Hu, Sergio Servidio, Alexandros G. Chasapis, William H. Matthaeus

August 2019


Decomposition of plasma kinetic entropy into position and velocity space and the use of kinetic entropy in particle-in-cell simulations

Haoming Liang, Paul A. Cassak, Sergio Servidio, Michael A. Shay, James F. Drake, Marc Swisdak, Matt R. Argall, John C. Dorelli, Earl E. Scime, William H. Matthaeus, Vadim Roytershteyn, Gian Luca Delzanno

August 2019


Parametric Instability in Two-dimensional Alfvénic Turbulence

Leonardo Primavera, Francesco Malara, Sergio Servidio, Giuseppina Nigro, Pierluigi Veltri

August 2019


Energy conversion in turbulent weakly collisional plasmas: Eulerian hybrid Vlasov-Maxwell simulations

O. Pezzi, Y. Yang, F. Valentini, S. Servidio, A. Chasapis, W. H. Matthaeus, P. Veltri

July 2019



The Challenge of Machine Learning in Space Weather Nowcasting and Forecasting

Enrico Camporeale

July 2019


A violin sonata for reconnection

Giovanni Lapenta, Francesco Pucci, Martin V. Goldman, David L. Newman

April 2019