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Are you interesting in working on AIDA project? In this page the information about positions opened to work with us at the AIDA project.


PostDoc on the application of ML methods to space and astrophysics

The KU Leuven Center for Mathematical Plasma Astrophysics is looking for a PostDoctoral candidate with interest in applying Machine Learning (ML) and Data Assimilation techniques to space science. The position will combine the study of simulations (massively parallel kinetic simulation with particle in cell methods, massively parallel fluid simulations of the magnetospheric system) and observations from remote sensing (e.g. SDO, solar dynamic observatory) and in situ (e.g.

PhD and PostDoc Fellowships in Space Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The AIDA H2020 Consortium funded by the European Commission is looking to cover several positions at the doctoral and postdoctoral level. The AIDA consortium is composed by KU Leuven in Belgium; CWI in The Netherlands; University of Calabria, University of Pisa and CINECA in Italy; CNRS in France; IRIDA in Greece and by Space Consulting in USA.