AIDA's newsletter n.3 / March 2020


Schools and Courses

The first AIDA school has just ended! The main objective of the school was to introduce the European heliophysics community to the domain of machine learning and data analysis. We are glad for the large number of people interested in it. Thanks to all the AIDA partner involved and a special thanks to:

  • Morris Riedel
    (Jülich Supercomputer Center and University of Iceland)
  • Geert Jan Bex
    (Flemish Supercomputer Centre, KU Leuven and Hasselt University)
  • Peter Wintoft
    (Swedish Institute of Space Physics)

for the valuable lessons.


All the materials shown during the school (slides and videos) are available, see the following page for the specific link:

See you next edition!

Talks and Publications

For more information visit AIDA website.


Characterizing Magnetic Reconnection Regions Using Gaussian Mixture Models on Particle Velocity Distributions


Statistical Analysis of Ions in Two-Dimensional Plasma Turbulence


Parametric Instability in Two-dimensional Alfvénic Turbulence


Current Sheets, Magnetic Islands, and Associated Particle Acceleration in the Solar Wind as Observed by Ulysses near the Ecliptic Plane

0548dd_793b29ae1cf4429bafe951a1005c863d   Single-spacecraft Identification of Flux Tubes and Current Sheets in the Solar Wind
1904_07715   Energy conversion in turbulent weakly collisional plasmas: Eulerian hybrid Vlasov-Maxwell simulations
1902_02733   Decomposition of plasma kinetic entropy into position and velocity space and the use of kinetic entropy in particle-in-cell simulations


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