AIDA's newsletter n.5 / September 2020


AIDA is part of PyHC

Python in Heliophysics Community (PyHC) promotes and facilitates the use and development of Python for Heliophysics. PyHC aims to provide a variety of tutorials, resources, a list of useful packages, general discussion, and advice. The majority of people are in the US but some are in Europe. AIDA is part of PyHC: AIDApy is listed as a project ( and we participate as much as possible to the regular teleconferences and bi-annual meetings. 

AIDAdb is now public!

The AIDAdb is now set up, accessible and already contains some data, for more details visit:


Talks and Publications

For more information visit AIDA website.


A multi-fluid model of the magnetopause


Simulation of plasmaspheric plume impact on dayside magnetic reconnection


Interplay between Kelvin–Helmholtz and lower-hybrid drift instabilities


ViDA: a Vlasov–DArwin solver for plasma physics at electron scales


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The AIDA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 776262.